PCB and wire assembly

Into our capabilities are our PCB assembly services. Whether you supply the parts or we do, our assemblers turn out a quality inspected product. You can expect consistently reliable products from our cost-effective, automated and manual assembly operations. Complete turnkey production is available, from schematic to finished board. Also our engineers can recommend design changes on existing boards that will reduce labor and material costs or improve performance.

We can assemble through-hole, SMT and hybrid PCBs.

Discrete assembly

  • Wave oven
  • Vacuum placing dispensers
  • Cutting and forming machines

SMT assembly

  • Pick and place machines
  • Infrared ovens
  • Solder paste and epoxy dispensers
  • Final control devices
Testing oven -100 to 100 o C

Wire assembly

  • Wire cutting and striping machines
  • Crimping machines


Printed Circuit Board Assembly Workshop